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Symptoms To Look For


The following symptoms in a HORSE may indicate pain caused by a subluxation:
• Reduced performance
• Abnormal posture
• Snapping and pinning back its ears when being saddled
• Insubordination when being ridden
• The attempt to free itself by throwing its head back or up or by hollowing the back
• Swishing its tail and pinning back its ears
• Disobedience when jumping
• Difficulties with collected or lateral gaits
• Changes in behavior
• Frightened or painful facial expression
• Sensitivity to touch

Subluxations in the spine can affect muscle coordination and mobility of the horse,
thereby causing decreased performance.

The following symptoms may occur:
• Unleveled gait rhythm
• Irregularity of gait which cannot be assigned to a particular leg or gait
• Stiffness when the horse leaves the stable
• Stiffness when bending and in its general posture
• Muscular atrophy
• Brushing or interfering
• Difficulty engaging the hindquarters
• Difficulty working “long and low”
• Shortened stride in one or more legs
• Overall decreased range of motion in gait
• Difficulty flexing the poll
• Lameness
• Horse pulls against one rein
• Rider is seated off centre due to the horse
• The back does not swing