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What I Do


What can you expect from my visit?

I begin by obtaining a detailed case history consisting of information from the owner, prior x-rays or laboratory analysis and previous diagnoses and therapies if applicable.

A thorough chiropractic evaluation also includes an examination of the horse prior to an adjustment. This examination includes: posture, gait analysis, vertebral and extremity static and motion palpation, and review of any available x-rays.

Information from the case history and the examination are combined to determine if chiropractic treatment is needed, and the proper chiropractic treatment that the horse may require.

A chiropractic adjustment involves a high velocity controlled thrust by hand that is directed on a specific joint in a specific direction to correct or reduce misalignments and abnormal movement (aberrant biomechanics) thereby optimizing proper nerve function. After my chiropractic evaluation, if your horse or dog is found to be a candidate for chiropractic care, then I will provide my treatment recommendations with an explanation regarding the treatment.

Results vary depending upon the extent of the many variates,the severity of the subluxations, the length of the time between initial trauma and treatment, the age and overall constitution of the horse, etc. However, the normal response to chiropractic care to a true chiropractic condition is immediate improvement within the first 3 days after care. As the subluxations are healing and your horse is improving you may notice some relapse of the initial complaints between the 1st and 2nd week. This is not unusual as this is a healing process, so make a note for your animal chiropractor if you notice this relapse to help gauge your horse’s rate of response and probable healing time required for your horse.

The reduction of the subluxation (misalignment causing nerve irritation and functional aberration) is a healing process. After the initial adjustment improvement of the horse’s performance is usually noted within 3 days. A follow-up adjustment may be required in 1 to 2 weeks to continue the healing process. If improvement is noted the follow-up adjustment time intervals can be increased. Depending on what your horse or dog does for a living, chiropractic maintenance care may be recommended from 1 time a month to 1 time every six months or as needed to control spinal biomechanical soundness.